5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Aftershave for Men


You can find plenty of aftershaves on the market these days, and deciding which is best for a guy can be hard. Aftershave gift sets now have different options and brands, so it can be tough to figure out what will work well for him. 

Before your aftershave finishes and you run out and buy the first bottle you see, consider a few things. Here are what to consider in choosing the best aftershave for yourself or even if you are getting it for your man.

1. Ingredients


You should look for a product with some alcohol because it helps dry out your skin and soothe razor burn.


This one should be obvious—water is necessary to make up your concoction and keep it from drying out too fast when applied directly onto your face.

Essential Oils

Essential oils come in many different forms (like frankincense, bergamot, and lavender), each with its unique smell and effects on people’s lives.  

They are used as anti-bacterial agents since they contain vitamin C. This has been shown repeatedly by scientific experiments performed by doctors who have concluded that vitamin C works better than anti-bacterial agents. Generally, vitamin C kills germs directly without having any side effects whatsoever.

2. Ease Of Use

Some aftershaves come with a lotion, while others require only a small amount of water or alcohol. Choose an option that doesn’t require much effort or preparation before applying it to your face because this might make people think twice about buying them again. 

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If there are several steps involved before shaving, then keep this in mind when choosing an aftershave so that no one feels left out by wasting their time unnecessarily.

3. Fragrance

The first thing to consider when choosing an aftershave is its fragrance. Generally, the fragrance is an essential part of your scent and can make or break your decision. After all, if you don’t like the way something smells, then what’s the point? There are many different types of fragrances out there:

  • Even light musk scents are perfect for those who want a natural scent without too many chemicals
  • Woody, citrusy and floral scents
  • Spicy notes like bay rum

Also, find both heavy hitters (like leather) and soft ones that won’t overpower your skin but still leave you smelling nice all day long.

4. Age

As with any product, the age of your face and body will impact what you should buy. For example, a younger man may prefer a milder scent more suitable for his skin type and hair length. Meanwhile, a more mature man might want something bolder in terms of aroma – but only if it’s not too strong (and this is just as much about personal preference!)

5. Complexion And Skin Type

You will want to think about your skin type when choosing an aftershave. The best way to know if you have sensitive or dry skin is by looking at how it reacts when your face is exposed to the elements. If it gets red, irritated, or swollen in response, it could indicate that too many chemicals are being applied to your face.

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So, if this sounds like something that could affect you (or someone else), it’s recommended to go with an alcohol-free formula.


Hopefully, this article helped you decide which aftershave works for your skin and lifestyle. After all, many great aftershaves are out there, so it’s important to keep an open mind when looking at available options.